Mortrans, Ltd., is included in the Register of Bunker Fuel Suppliers of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport (www.morflot.ru). Fuel for our company is supplied to the purchaser’s vessel via two bunkering tankers: Ekomar and Eland.


In early March 2013, Ekomar was docked that confirmed the vessel’s class and proved that it is excellent technical state.

Highly qualified and competent crew with more than three years’ experience working on Ekomar’s motorship and more than 12 years’ experience in working on similar vessels.

Transparent and flawless work throughout the entire bunkering process,

Compliance with all environmental regulations and requirements,

Monthly cargo transportation volume up to 15,000 tons

Guaranteed quality of services provided



IMO No Port of registration Length Width: Tanker depth Vessel flag Operation area
7804948 Big Port Saint Petersburg 67.48 m 12.00 m 6.00 m Russian Federation Big Port SPB, Ust’-Luga


Registration number and date of registration in the Russian National Shipping Register:

30-3423 dated 05.10.2010

Class: KM * Ice3 R2 AUT2 Oil tanker (>60°C) (ESP)

Deadweight cargo capacity: 1000 mts of naval oil/400 mts of diesel fuel

Ballast draft/draft fully laden (m): 4.2/5.3

Vessel flag: Russian Federation

The vessel is equipped with

- Video control system

- Cargo heating system

The vessel is equipped with the following cargo systems:

Fuel pumps for cargo handling and bunkering operations:

Heavy fuel:

— No. 1 capacity: 120 m3

— No. 2 capacity: 120 m3

Diesel fuel:

— 3В 63/25-50/4Б, capacity: 30 m3



Mortrans Ltd. acquired the vessel in January 2013. It took 6 months to repair the ship at Kanonersky shipyard and to obtain necessary permits for operation. For this moment the vessel is in excellent technical state, fully equipped and ready for exploitation.

The vessel has four cargo tanks and can simultaneously carry dark and light bunker fuel.



IMO No Port of registration Length Width: Tanker depth Vessel flag Operation area
СЗ–05-31 Big Port Saint Petersburg 79,7 m 11,28 m 3,5 Russian Federation Big Port SPB, Ust’-Luga


Class: М-ПР 2.5 ice 30, propelled oil tanker.
ID number: 143468
Cargo capacity: 1341 t
Draft fully laden (m): 2,91 m
Deadweight cargo capacity: 1100 mts of diesel fuel