Bunkering Company Mortrans and our organization, Unigroup Marine Fuels Corp, have been collaborating with each other for years. We have never had any problems related with fuel’s quality and have never received any claims from the buyers. We consider employees of the company as responsible workers who value their partners. Thank you so much for our partnership.

Unigroup Marine Fuels

We co-operate with Bunkering Company Mortrans on a regular basis around 2 years. Can describe as reliable, highly professional partner, always open and flexible, never faced with any quality/quantity disputes.

Arte Bunkering OU

We have been working with Bunkering Company Mortrans for the last three years buying fuel oil from them on a regular basis. We have enjoyed the company’s efficient style of work, their competent team of employees as well as professional approach towards the business of bunker supply. We would be happy to recommend Bunkering Company Mortrans as a reliable supplier with a strong position in the market and inevitable quality of products they deliver.

Kinex Bunkering Ltd

In spite of the fact that we have started collaborating with Bunkering Company Mortrans recently, there were no quality and quantity claims received from vessels’ owners during the whole period. From our side we can point out timely delivery of all required documents, responsible employees and the highest standards of efficiency in the whole company. We really hope for further competitive and profitable partnership with this company.

World Fuel Services

Monjasa truly appreciate the strong business relationship offered by Bunkering Company Mortrans Ltd. and we regard your company as a trusted partner and an essential part of our Russian bunkering operations.We hope to be expanding cooperation in the future.

Monjasa A/S